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The state of the art test lab ensures that all our products meet the requirements of our customers.

Apart from testing of each batch of compounds, all the finished products are tested for their reliability and other parameters as specified by the customer.


IZOD/CHARPY Impact Tester

Designed as per ASTM D-256
The Impact Testers are designed to measure the Impact energy required to break notched specimens of definite shape and size, when placed at the maximum velocity point of a swinging weighted pendulum.

ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance )

Designed as per ASTM D-1693.
Environmental stress-cracking is a property that is highly dependent upon the nature and level of the stresses applied and on the thermal history of the specimen.

Designed as per ASTM D-1525

Designed as per ASTM D-256
This test method covers the determination of the temperature at which an arbitrary deformation occurs when specimens are subjected to an arbitrary set of testing conditions.

Thermal Stability


Muffle Furnace


Hardness Tester

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